Who are you people?

Every few generations there rises an elite team of superhumanly brilliant and creative design professionals. A secret cabal of intellectual giants armed and ready to save the world by crafting glorious contraptions designed to delight and amuse. That’s us. Eclectic backgrounds and personalities, irreverent funmaking, and groundbreaking technology are the main ingredients in Hard Corps Mindworks.

Ca_0001_Cameronmeron Barry


Some of us came to the path of wizardry with a fully mature rune system and convenient spell books. Cameron has been traversing worlds for eons building those rune systems so you can have your fancy spell book. You could try to thank him, but he’s probably already egressed your dimension by way of interdimensional portal, also of his invention. Why he decided to stop off on 21st century Earth to help mastermind the technological infrastructure that makes our games go, we’ll never know, but we’re awfully glad he’s here. And also glad he’s not angry at us, because we’re rather sure he could obliterate our puny dimension with a few well placed syllables.

_0002_ChanceChance Newkirk

You would never guess Chance to be the champion of game development that he is from his humble origins collecting reagents and slaying kobolds. Back in those days a young serf was forced to prove himself by bringing a dagger to a swordfight. But years of dedication ultimately led to slaying dragons and blessing strangers with magical incantations of uncanny power. Occasionally he does become wistful and misses those heady days of violent conflict with undead hordes, but usually he is content to help guide product development, organize boring business details, coordinate marketing efforts, and engage in discussions about optimal data structures and object oriented design.

_0004_SageSage Kurtz

Good marketing and networking isn’t like magic. Magic is predictible if you know how it works. Venturing into the world of successful business is like disembarking with a frigate on a stormy sea. You really ought to know which gods and goddesses to pay penance to if you don’t want to be consumed by a giant squid. Sage’s media savvy and attention to detail has kept us safe from those treacherous tentacles so far. It’s a good thing he’s been tending the temples of the Old Ones for millenia!

_0003_JasonJason Younger

Being a footpad isn’t easy. Evading the traditional hand-severing method of punishment for theft takes some serious cleverness. And we suppose that’s where Jason accumulated his design-fu, but we’ll never know for sure because every detail about his history is available only on a “need to know” basis. What we do know is that he didn’t filch his brilliant ideas — those spring abundant from his fertile and enlarged cranium and cover pages and pages of our codex gamerus.

_0000_BlaineXel Moore

When you’re battling implacable hordes of vicious foes (or operating in a highly competitive market), morale is important. If you expect your party to function at it’s fullest, those bonuses add up to a statistical boatload of importance. And how do you get those bonuses? Someone’s got to know the right music for the occasion, have a talent for art and design, and show up with the PBR. Xel has been supporting the heroic efforts of wayfaring, world-saving freaks and geeks since the first war against the Dark Tide. Nothing prepares us for a battle with skeletons like the right Bon Iver pick and a cold one.