Concept art showing clams, fish, and other elements of Juju Ball's "water world".

A screen shot depicting Juju Ball's Water World, complete with clam.

There’s something magical about the progression of an idea as it flows from the mind to the page, from the page to a graphical asset.  From a set of static objects to a dynamic world that lives and breathes.  We can only show you a small part of this process, but we hope you find it as exciting as we do.

The clam you see in the sketch to your left is from our first game, ‘JuJu Ball‘. It began its life with a bit of manual shading provided by graphite encased in wood. Yeah, that’s right. A pencil. A #2 pencil. Before we started our mission to bring the best of the new and the old to gaming, this seemed like a quaint and romantic notion. A sketchbook full of imagination enticing doodles which will make a steady march from their nascent state on the page to a real, lively, animated creation that you interact with. But you know what? That’s how it really works.